Quilt Drive - Flood Appeal 2011

We have been heartbroken by the devastation and stories, cried, sewed, cut fabric, sewed, cried some more, sewed, but most of all, been extremely overwhelmed with the support and generousity of our sewing community. To anyone who has helped in anyway with our Quilt Drive - THANKYOU!
To date, we have 191 completed quilts!

We have had our first Distribution of Quilts at
The Mt Sylvia Family Fun Day, Saturday 7th May
For the story and photos - visit our blog

Stay tuned for details of further distributions!

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Quilt Drive

Flood Appeal 2011

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As you are all aware, many in our community (Murphy’s Creek, Grantham, Lockyer Valley) have lost their homes and everything they own. We would like to help by donating quilts made with love as they begin to rebuild their lives.

We have been inundated with ladies offering their sewing services, and have approx 100 completed quilt tops. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that so many care.
 However we are in DESPERATE need of wadding for the quilts.

We hope to have all quilts fully completed ready for distribution at the end of March.

Donations of large pieces of wadding, or cash to purchase wadding would be greatly appreciated - Every bit helps.



For more information or if you have any queries,
please do not hesitate to contact us.



Thankyou for taking the time to view this page.
Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who are suffering from the 2011 Floods.