Sew Help Me - Machine Repairs/Servicing

Greg Gersch of
visits our store monthly

 2019 DATES...
Monday 25th February

Monday 11th March

Monday 15th April

Monday 20th May

Monday 17th June 

Monday 8th July

Greg is a qualified Machine Technician, who can fully service your machine and overlocker as well as repair anything that need be.
Greg will always contact you proir to any work (apart from basic service)
being done to your machine. 

Remember, to save you time, money and the hassle of your machine not working to it’s full potential, regular services (approx 6 – 12 monthly) are a must.
Here at The Quilters Angel, along with Greg, we are offering you SAME DAY machine servicing. Your machine stays on premises.

If you wish to have Greg take a look at your machine, check with us at
The Quilters Angel for his next visit.
We require you to drop your machine here at the store either
over the weekend prior to Greg's visit, or by 9am Monday morning.
Your machine is then available for collection that same Monday afternoon
(unless further maintainance is required on your machine). Machines must be cole ted by the Thursday following service at the latest.

If you have any further questions/queries, please do not hesitate to contact us!