About Us

Marion Marshall had a long term dream to open a quilt shop and create a place where her customers could come and escape from their own realities, to relax, enjoy and be inspired.

Realising that her own local area was the perfect location and that a quilt shop was missing in the mix of attractions on offer, both for the locals and the tourists, Marion set about turning her dream into reality and The Quilters Angel was born on the first of September 2004...

Her daughter Steph joined the team in 2006 to 'help out' - but has never left!
They welcomed the newest 'Angel' to the family in 2017, little Zoe.

(from left): Steph, Zoe and Marion - 2019

The Quilters Angel is located in Highfields, a small town 10 minutes drive North West of Toowoomba, Queensland. Highfields has become a tourist mecca, where you can feel your troubles melt away as you enter this little piece of paradise! One of the tourist attractions is 'The Village Green'.
Set back off the highway, once you enter the village, you pass into another world! Nestled around a large grassy verge which overlooks the fabulous mountain escarpment, are five shops, some re-located old school buildings, which include, The Quilters Angel, Jaybelle Home and Decor, The Chocolate Cottage Cafe, Herbal Harmonies and McCartney & Creed Shoes.

The Quilters Angel is more than just a business or shop, it is a feeling. Walk up the stairs or enter via the ramp and you can feel the excitement brewing as you survey all the goodies on display on the large covered verandah. Enter the front door and you are transported to another time.

The shop is a visual feast! With its dark polished timber floors and high ceilings, the interior is an old world backdrop to a treasure trove of content. The ambience is further enhanced by a log fire  which burns through the cool winter months and adds extra warmth to an already inviting atmosphere. The focus of the business, of course, is fabric and the crafts of patchwork, quilting and embroidery, creativity and inspiration.

Hundreds of bolts of fabric line the walls and overflow into the main body of the shop. Old fashioned cabinets house laces, braids, trimmings, with racks of patterns and kits as well as an array of your hasberdashery needs. All this packed into a space which can't possibly be circuited once, but begs for a second or third meander around to make sure nothing has been missed. But it is not only the craft lovers who are catered for. Marion has filled every available gap with delicious giftware to delight and appeal to everyone who enters her door.

Marion also hosts two annual events - the GIRLS STITCH IN in March, and the STITCERS DREAM DAY OUT in September.

Both events are about kindred spirits gathering together in beautifully decorated venue to share a day of hand stitching, friendship and food. You will also get the opportunity to visit 'The Village Green', a group of specialty shops overlooking the escaprment, which is home to THE QUILTERS ANGEL.

So to be inspired and get you creative juices flowing, call in and visit us at
The Quilters Angel for a true piece of sewing paradise!